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How do I choose my T-Shirt size?

Once you've logged in you'll see a link Edit Profile. Click on the Edit Profile link and you can choose your shirt size. If you've entered an event and set your shirt size on registration, it will take preference. Team members can set their shirt size on the Edit Profile page.

I am a team captain, what do I do after sign up for an team event?

If you're logged in you'll see the event listed under your upcoming events. It will display a Pick your team mates button, where you can add your team mates to your team. Do NOT add yourself here as you're ready part of the team. This will send off an email to them to notify them. Make sure they sign the waiver and provide their emergency contact details.

I've got invited to join a team, what do I do next?

You should be getting an email to tell you you've got invited to a team. All you need to do is register on CaptureFit, using the same email address you've got invited on. If you've register with a different email address. Please contact us, so we can rectify your team entry on our side or your team captain can re-add you with the correct email address. Once you've logged in you'll be required to finalize your entry, it will display a message to finalize it.

We want to host our own competition and we want to use CaptureFit for registration and/or live leaderboard?

You're welcome to use our platform, just send us a message and we will get in contact with you to finalize event details.

We want to partner with/or advertise on the CaptureFit platform?

We have some opportunities available for companies that want to partner or advertise with us, please contact us for more information.

Are you having trouble logging in? Are you using an iPhone?

If you're using an iPhone and you're having issues logging in, it is because you're browsing in Private Mode.

Please see the link on how to turn off Private Browsing mode: https://support.apple.com/en-za/HT203036

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