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Jan 02 2020

Hosting your first fitness event can be daunting, but with a bit of work and some extra hands, it is really not that bad.

Sep 10 2019

We've added a long awaited feature to CaptureFit. Read more about it in this post.

Jul 24 2019

We’ve got a very special announcement. We now offer event websites, so you can have your very own website to match your event’s brand

Jun 14 2019

We at CaptureFit would like every fitness facility to try our platform at least once to see how much effort and time we can save you.

Apr 11 2019

We've added some cool new features. Read more about it in this article.

Mar 22 2019

We are adding to our service offering. We now offer branded score card design for your next event.

Feb 04 2019

CaptureFit News and Upcoming Events - February 2019

Jan 02 2019

CaptureFit News and Upcoming Events - January 2019

Dec 10 2018

CaptureFit has partnered with Braver Apparel and you can now order your team shirts straight from our CaptureFit site.

Dec 01 2018

CaptureFit is proud to announce that we are now integrated with world leading payment processor Stripe as a payment gateway.

May 17 2017

OfferZen has put together a little interview with the founder of CaptureFit on his experience while building and running CaptureFit

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