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Our easy-to-use platform helps you with online registration, integrated payments, real-time leaderboard and heats management for your event.
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Upcoming Events

Reach Your Genetic Potential ™

Reach Your Genetic Potential ™

02 Jun 2018 - 31 Dec 2019

A holistic solution to enable you Reach out for your Genetic Potential. This continuous learning programme helps to educate and assist you to truly encompass an all round approach to health.

The Cape Town Summer Slam 2019

The Cape Town Summer Slam 2019

16 Feb 2019 - 17 Feb 2019

The Cape Town Summer Slam will run for the 1st time in 2019 and will be the an annual event for all levels of fitness.

Clarens Winter Series 2019

Clarens Winter Series 2019

05 Jul 2019 - 06 Jul 2019

Beat the frost with this 2-day individual event that takes place in the frozen scenic mountains of Clarens. The Winter Series is up to some serious business, where individuals will slam it out in the open air arena in sub degree conditions.

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